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Serious offers are invited for this unique collection, for confidential and secure transfer to the successful winning bidder.

Please review the portfolio, prospectus and guidance below.

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We are pleased to present a unique opportunity to acquire a prestigious and memorable collection of domains:

Contact details or brokerage for other essentials.* top-level domains available for the winning bidder.

These domains will not be sold separately, all bids should be calculated to represent the value of the collection.


Invitations for interest in this unique collection are now open.

Representing a rare opportunity to acquire a family of attractive and investable one-word top-level domains.

“Essentials” is easy to type, spell, pronounce and suggestive of its associated product and brand values. alone attracts regular and significant prospecting offers — although, has been retained for many years to gather the wider international collection of matching top-level domains.

The domains have no prior usage and remain a blank canvas for the imagination of their final trustees and investors.


As with works of art, classic cars, number-plates and other unique physical and intellectual property assets, the value can only be that which two parties agree upon.

For which, we mutually seek a reasoned agreement, and valuation that secures the interests of the present and future owners.

The essentials domains took over 10 years to acquire, have a unique value as a collection, are distinct from any single domain valuation, and we expect the new brand owners to enjoy with the Essentials brand they will certainly make memorable.

Reference transactions

Notable domain name sales, from those publicly reported.

  1. — $49.7 million
  2. — $35.6 million
  3. — $35 million
  4. — $30.18 million
  5. — $30 million
  6. — $18 million
  7. — $17 million
  8. — $16 million
  9. — £9.99 million
  10. — $14 million (resale)
  11. — $13 million
  12. — $11 million
  13. — $9.5 million
  14. — $9 million
  15. — $8.8 million
  16. — $8.5 million
  17. — $8 million
  18. — $7.5 million
  19. — $7.5 million
  20. — $7 million
  21. — $6.8 million
  22. — $6 million
  23. — $5.8 million
  24. — $5.5 million
  25. — $5.5 million

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